1. When is the Competition and where?

The competition will take place at the Diyanet Center of America, 9610 Goodluck Road, Lanham, MD on Saturday July 22nd. This youth competition typically happens late summer, so that kids can make a better use of their leisure summer time, in studying the Seerah of the prophet (S) in a fun and leisure mode.

2. Are the grade level of a participant  determined by current grade or rising grade?

Grade level of a participant  is determined by  rising grade– the grade the participant will be in 2017-2018 school year.

3. How will the Quran competition happen? Do I need to memorize all the Surahs in my grade level?

For the  Quran competition at each level, participants will be asked to recite a randomly selected portion from the assigned Surahs. They are NOT expected to memorize and will be allowed to recite while looking at the Mushaf. They will be tested on the accuracy of recitation, basic Tajweed rules, and Makharej.

For Hafiz, one should specify how many Juzes he or she had memorized. Then from the memorized juzes, the judge should test the participant. Judge should preferably start from
A. Middle of a surah and participant should continue from there
B. Beginning of a surah and participant should continue from there.
C. Repeat A and B with different verses/surah if students fail to continue.

4. Are Rubrics available for the Competition Items?

Yes, Please check the Rubrics page

5. What is Spoken Word competition?

Here is a good intro http://www.nelson-atkins.org/images/PDF/Calendar/PoetrySlam_SpokenWord.pdf

Here are two samples from 2014 LETS READ MC Naeem Baig



Another example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK720V9c0VI

6. What do we have to do for Hadeeth  Expo?

Bring your poster on the event day and submit it to the registration desk. Top ranked posters will be eligible for 3-minute presentation.

7. Are there any samples for Quiz competition?

Yes. Please check out the page for Sample Quizzes.

8. Can I participate in all competitions in my category even if my parent only registered me for one item?

Yes, but you have to let us know by July 16th.

9. Acronym Time:

What does MWQRC stand for?

Metro Washington Quran Recitation Competition.

What does LETS READ stand for?

LETS READ is an initiative for exactly what the name says – Let us Read. It is an acronym for Lets Emulate The Seerah: Read, Educate, Apply, and Disseminate. The main objective of this initiative is to emulate the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (S). To achieve that objective, we are trying to promote four action items:
Read: We have to know the Seerah first.
Educate: We have to let others know.
Apply: We must Apply what we learn and teach.
Disseminate: Finally, we must spread the words out to the bigger audience out there, since Prophet Muhammad (S) is the mercy to the mankind.