Sample Quizzes

Grade 2

  1. Choose the correct answer

A)     Allah is one
B)     Allah does not have any partner
C)     Allah has no father or mother
D)     All of the above

  1. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in

A)     600 CE
B)     789 CE
C)     1950 CE
D)     571 CE


  1. In the story, Qasim did not eat the sweet because

A)     He did not like sweets very much
B)     He could not find a place that is secret from Allah
C)     He gave all his sweets away to his brothers
D)     He wanted to keep it for later

  1. Islam means ____________ to Allah. Islam also means_____________.
  1. Islam began with Prophet  ____________ and was completed at  the time of Prophet_____________.

Grade 3

  1. There is a family tree of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in your text book, according to that, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a descendent of

A)     Prophet Yaqub
B)     Prophet Ismail
C)     Prophet Ishaq
D)     Prophet Shuayb

  1. Prophet Isa (pbuh) told the children of Israel that there would be a messenger with glad tidings after him and the messenger’s name would be

A)     Muhammad bin Abdullah
B)     Al-Amin
C)     Nabi Karim
D)     Ahmad

  1. Even as a young man, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) worked with dignity; what did he do, choose the best answer:

A)     He taught Quran
B)     He looked after animals (as a shepherd)
C)     He helped his uncle during his visits to Syria
D)     B and
E)      A and B

  1. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once settled a dispute – where all the tribes were able to take part in placing the black stone and it happened

A)     Before his prophet hood
B)     After his prophet hood

  1. Fill in the blank:       At the age of __________ while Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was in the cave of ________________ Angel _______________ appeared and asked him “ __________ in the name of your Lord”.
  1. Among the first Muslims, there was a youngster who was only 10 year old and he was

A)     Abu Bakr.
B)     Umar.
C)     Prophet’s cousin Ali
D)     Abu Talib.

Grades 4-5

  1. People of the Prophet Nuh (peace be upon him) were tricked by Satan (Devil) to do what? (choose the best answer)

A) To have too much fun in the world

B) To give less in measure

C) To worship sun and moon

D) To draw the picture of righteous men who passed away and look at them every morning


2. The community called ‘Ad – came from the descendant of the Prophet

A) Saalih (peace be up on him)

B) Hud (peace be up on him)

C) Nuh (peace be up on him)

D) Musa (peace be up on him)

3. Yusuf’s brothers traveled to Egypt to buy food, what did Yusuf do and tell them?

A) He asked him to take as much as food as they could

B) He asked them to bring their brother in order to get food

C) He gave them food and asked them to bring their brother next time

D) He put all them to jail since they wanted to kill him


4. Musa’s mother wanted to save Musa from the king, so what did she do?

A) She put him in a box to float it down the Red Sea

B) She put him in a box to float it down the River Nile

C) She hid him in a cave of a mountain

D) She migrated to Palestine with her son


  1. Who was the last messenger before Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on him)?

A) Prophet Isa (peace be up on him)

B) Prophet Musa (peace be up on him)

C) Prophet Ibrahim (peace be up on him)

D) Prophet Nuh (peace be up on him)


Middle School

  1. From the hadith#1, the hadith of intention, we understand the concept of purity of intention and sincerity or intention. The opposite of it, i.e. doing something for showing off is (choose the most complete answer)  and it is

A)     Called Riyyah or hidden shirk
B)     Considered as lack of sincerity and reward will be less
C)     Not accepted unless it is done completely for the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa Ta’la
D)     A and C

  1. From the hadith # 2- Angel Jibril’s famous hadith – fill in the blank

The third level is the level of _______ which is to worship Allah as if______, and even if you cannot see Him, to know that He sees you.

  1. The hadith # 5 states that –  He who innovates something in this matter of ours [i.e. Islam] that is not of it will have it rejected [by Allah]. Now combining with the concept of intention, it can be stated that (choose the best answer)

A)     Good intentions are a precondition of all deeds
B)     Two conditions must be satisfied for deeds to be accepted – pure intention or sincerity and the it must be done according to Sunnah.
C)     One can worship the creator according to his ways and if he has pure intention, he or she will get reward
D)     A and C

  1. The concept of Tayyeb (in food) – choose the best answer

A)     As long as anything is halaal, it is Tayyeb
B)     It must be hand Zabiha in order to be Tayyeb
C)     Tayyeb indicates food that’s halal and prepared by Muslims
D)     The concept of tayyeb has more to do with how healthy or wholesome the food is, it may not be Tayyeb if it is unhealthy, full of added chemicals and preservatives that may be harmful to our health.

A)     Fill in the blank – “Be conscious of Allah wherever you are. Follow the bad deed with ____________to erase it, and engage others with beautiful character.”

High School

  1. According to the text – The Prophet’s (sws)  guidance as exemplified in the Sunnah guides Muslims to three basic inseparable aspects of civilization, namely

A)     Quran, Hadith and Sunnah
B)     Civilized understanding, civilized lifestyles and civilized education
C)     Good Moral, good society, service to humanity
D)     Civilized Fiqh, Civilized Conduct and Civilized Structure

  1. Concerning the fiqh of knowledge, the author mentioned a famous statement from Umar (ra) – find the correct one

A)     One must stick to Quran and Sunnah when it comes to fiqh
B)     No one should step into our market except he who knows the Fiqh of Transaction
C)     Knowledge is truly from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la and the one practicing his deen is truly successful
D)     Muslims must acquire of the knowledge of religion and of this world

  1. Fill in the blanks – Ahmad and Muslim related that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “When a person dies, the opportunity of gaining more rewards ends except for these three: ____________, __________________, and a pious child supplicating to Allah for him.”


  1. Allah Subhanh wa Ta’la says in the Quran – “God forbids you not with regard to those who have not fought you in the cause of religion, nor expelled you from your homes, that you should be considerate and deal justly with them, surely God loves the just”   – choose the most appropriate answer

A)     The verse indicates the obligation of tolerance in Islam
B)     Tolerance is limited to different sects of Islam
C)     Tolerance must be practiced among groups when other party or parties are not involved in shirk
D)     The verse indicates the obligation of tolerance and this applies especially to those different religions and faiths

  1. The hadith “ Allah ordered us to do good in everything one does. So, if you kill, do it in the best way, and if you slaughter, do it in the best way, and let one of you sharpen his blade and make the animal comfortable” – is often used to explain the concept of Ihsan. However in the text author uses this to explain the concept of

A)     Tolerance
B)     Zabiha halal
C)     Constructive Positivism
D)     Adherence to Virtues