“Being a participant for LETSREAD showed me the things I enjoyed to do and was an amazing learning experience for me. Because of me participating in LETSREAD I was able to improve my speaking skills. I used to not even be able to speak in front of large crowds. That fear has slowly left and I’m becoming more confident in speaking now. During the summer I like to have something to do. What better way to spend summer than by learning about Islam and doing a competition for that sake? 

I enjoyed being a moderator very much. I love kids so hosting a section for them made me feel very happy. Again, like I was saying it helped my stage-fright. Because of these experiences I’m now more comfortable speaking in front of large crowds. And, In Shaa Allah I will continue to get better with these experiences.”
— Shadia Nahar, Silver Spring, MD.

“Throughout the 3 years of participating in the LETSREAD competition,
 alhamdulillah I have increased my Islamic knowledge in speaking and gaining power in my social interactions.I have enjoyed every year of LETS READ and hope to continue to participate in future events. I encourage every Muslim child to take the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event.” 
Amal Hossain, Hyattsville, MD.

” I really enjoyed participating in LETS READ because they helped build my quick thinking and speech skills. “

Tahmiid Hossain, Hyattsville, MD.

“I have the opportunity to join the event. The event looks a momentum for Maryland. Almost 2 hundreds children, Youth and their Parents attended that event, Which was really encouraging, Allhamdulillah.”, a Parent from Virginia

“Very impressive. Lets work to keep the benefit of this massive event a reality. We need follow-up events to encourage youth activities to go forward.”, a Parent from Virginia