Sample Quiz

Sample questions – Grade 3-4

1.      After migrating to Madina, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stayed at the house of

A)     Abdullah ibn-Ubai

B)     Abu Bakar al Siddique

C)     Aby Ayyub Al-Ansari

D)     Uthman ibn Affan

2.      According to the text, how many Muslims fought in the battle of Badr?

A)     1000

B)     3000

C)     213

D)     313

3.      Choose the best answer regarding the  treaty of Hudaibiyyah

A)     The treaty was signed in Makkah, before Hijrah

B)     The treaty was signed in the place called Hudaibiyyah, after about three years of Hijrah

C)     The treaty was signed in the place called Hudaibiyyah, after about six years of Hijrah

D)     The treaty was initiated by Sayid Hudaibiyyah, after about six years of hijrah

4.      After the death of Prophet’s (pbuh) mother, he was taken care off by

A)     His grandfather Abd al-Muttalib

B)     His uncle Abu-Talib

C)     His uncle Abu-Lahab

D)     His uncle Hamza ibn Abd al-Muttalib

5.      A group of early Muslims migrated to Habasha (Ethiopia), as they met the king, what surah did one Muslim recite?

A)     Surah Ikhlas

B)     Surah Maryam

C)     Surah Fatiha

D)     Surah Alaq


 Grade 5-6

 1.  Choose the best answer regarding the  group –   ‘Ahl as Suffah’

A)     They were the ‘people of knowledge’ and were given a place to stay in Prophet’s masjid

B)     The people who accepted Islam in the very beginning

C)     They were known as the ‘people of bench and were given a place to stay in Prophet’s masjid

D)     The spiritual or ‘sufi’ people of the time of the prophet

2.       “… but my father and I were his bitterest enemies. Let me make up for what I have done in the past. I fought Rasulullah on many occasions – shall I flee now from these Byzantines? This shall never be!” was a statement from

A)     Abu Huraidah

B)     Ikramah ibn Abi Jahl

C)     Khalid Ibn Walid

D)     Umar ibn Al-Khattab

3.      The famous poet who invited Abu Hurairah to Islam

A)     Tufail ibn Amr Ad-Dawsi

B)     Zaid ibn Thabit

C)     Salman Al-Farsi

D)     Thumamah ibn Athal

4.      The idea of digging a trench in the Battle of Ahzab, came from the famous companion

A)     Ali ibn Abi Taleb

B)     Ammar ibn Yasir

C)     Salman Al-Farsi

D)     Suraqah Ibn  Malik

5.      The companion who was not well known, yet became known for his eloquence and opening the door to Islam for countless people was

A)     Zaman ibn Salabah

B)     Abdullah Ibn Abbas

C)     Amr ibn Al-Aas

D)     Musa’b bin Umair

Grades 7-8

1.       Allah (SWT) described the creation of ADAM and EVE in the following chapter

a.                   Ale-Imran

b.                  Al-Nisa

c.                   Al-Baqarah

d.                  Al- Araf

2.       The words tadabarul Quran means

a.       Reading Al-Quran everyday

b.            Advise others to read Al-Quran

c.             Teach Al-Quran in congregation

d.            Read,  understand, reflecting quranic lessons 

3.       During the creation of ADAM, the angels advised Allah (SWT) not to  create a creation like

a.       Jinn

b.      Binn

c.       Minn


4.       The month of Quran as described in the Quran

a.       Muharram

b.      Shaban

c.       Safar

d.      Ramadan

5.       All prophets are Rasuls, but all Rasuls are not prophets

a.       True

b.      False